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See this highlight reel of our 2023 Year End Party!

Year End Party 2023
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Outsource Access is proud to have our very own magazine called “Virtual Success” where we showcase our incredible OAmazing Team members and our journeys every year including the Top VA of the Year Award! 




Our team is humble with a strong sense of Gratitude. Our team is passionate about the work that we do and our passion drives us to go beyond what is expected of us.



We are relationship driven and place our relationships with our team and customers above dollars, everyday of the week.



We are deeply committed to personal growth and have everlong thirst for knowledge.



We pay attention to detail, are process driven and understand that order creates peace and precedes excellence.



We are thoughtful communicators even when it’s uncomfortable with a goal to resolve any problem that may arise.

Who is Outsource Access?

Who is Outsource Access
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We are a fully managed outsourcing and virtual services firm with management in the US and Virtual Staff in the Philippines. Our main office is located in Cagayan de Oro City but all employees work from the comforts and safety of their homes.

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A Virtual Staff performs several administrative duties that may include but are not limited to email management, appointment setting, research, and making travel arrangements. Virtual Staff are in charge of handling smaller details of the business so their clients may focus on larger business targets.

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Virtual Success Speaks

Hindsight of an OAmazing employee experience. Get a glimpse of
how our VAs achieve and enjoy working with Outsource Access.

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What we get asked a lot

Do you have part-time jobs?

At present, Outsource Access is only offering full-time jobs.

I don’t have any equipment, can I still apply?

This depends on what position you are applying for. If you are applying for an onsite position, yes you may. However, if you are eyeing for a remote position which is most of our openings, then we suggest you invest in equipment. This is a requirement in order for you to proceed with your application. Please note that obtaining equipment is not an assurance that you will be hired.

What equipment and software do I need to prepare for the virtual staff role?


  • Laptop: 8th generation (8000 series) Core i5 or better AMD Ryzen 3 2200 and above and AMD Ryzen 5 2000 and above.
  • Desktop: AMD Ryzen 3 2200 and above or AMD Ryzen 5 2000 series and above. If Core i3 – 10th generation or higher.


  • Minimum: 8GB
  • Recommended: 16 GB


  • Windows 10 – Windows 10 2020H2 or newer


  • Core i5 – 2017 or higher
  • Core i7 – 2016 or higher
  • Core i3 – Not recommended


  • Headset with external Mic is recommended
  • Web Camera

Internet connection:

10 MB/s minimum for upload and download

What are the work hours?

The work hours will depend on the department that you will be assigned to. For the Virtual Staff, most are working on the graveyard shift since most of our clients are from the US. For internal/support, they usually work on day shifts except those in Operations, Sales, and the Growth department.

I’m currently in the matching stage already, how long before I get a client?

Vetted candidates will be matched based on the current needs of our available clients and the skills and experience of the candidate. Hence, there’s no specific timeline with the matching process. Some candidates get matched as early as a week, while others take a month or more. Note that we will only keep your profile for 6 months, if you are still not matched by then you may explore other opportunities or opt to apply again.

Is there training offered for someone like me who doesn’t have any previous experience as a Virtual Assistant?

Yes, we are offering training once you are successfully onboarded by the company. Some clients would prefer to train their own VA’s too.

Can I still reapply after failing?

Yes, you may still reapply following our reapplication protocol. You may send a new application after 6 months from your previous application.

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Working from home has never been this rewarding! Be one of us and experience it first-hand!