Self-Care for Virtual Assistants: Prioritizing Wellness in a Remote Work Environment

We’ve done it folks! We’re officially living the dream. When people suggested the idea of remote work before, the world used to laugh – work from home? How would that even work? However, this far-fetched idea slowly became a reality. Due to technological advances and a rather coercive push by the COVID pandemic, remote work is finally a norm.

With remote work came the rise of the virtual assistants (VAs). As technology expanded their global reach, virtual assistants rose up to the challenge of supporting them. VAs work remotely from their home, adjusting to the different time zones of their clients, and collaborating with team mates from around the world. 

Remote work brings many advantages – flexibility in schedule, cost saving, increased productivity and even better employee retention rates. However the new work-set up also introduced unique challenges never seen before in the traditional office. Nevertheless, these are nothing a determined virtual assistant cannot handle. With a few tips and a crafted personal strategy, you start living the real dream.


Understanding the challenges

Isolation, delayed communication, and the blurred lines between work and home – these are just some of the many challenges a remote worker faces. Unlike being in a traditional office, virtual assistants are often deprived from face-to-face interactions. This can lead to them feeling isolated, lonely, and disconnected. 

It is important to recognize these challenges first. Self-reflection and recognizing these experiences is the first step to crafting a self-care strategy that works best for you and your work. 


Establishing a routine

One of the first steps towards prioritizing wellness is establishing a structured routine. Decide what hours work best for you, and communicate them with your team or client. Communicating your work hours will help your team know when and when not to contact you. This allows you to place boundaries between work and home. 

Don’t forget to incorporate much needed breaks and leisure activities into your schedule to keep the stress levels low and the endorphins high. This balance of leisure and work will help you maintain balance, increase productivity, and prevent burnout. 


Creating a dedicated workspace

Ahhh the workspace. Your own personal space. Don’t just imagine it – establish it! Combat the blurred lines between home and work life by creating a dedicated workspace. What kind of desk do you like? Would a desk plant make you happy? How about a nook beside you for your pet to keep you company? 

Create a workspace that works for you. Whether it’s designing it in your favorite aesthetic or by just placing all the things you need for work within your reach (like a coffee machine?), establishing an official workspace will increase your productivity. Aside from inspiring you for the day ahead, it helps draw a clear line between work and home life.  So get that retro lamp you’ve been dreaming of – it’s for a good cause!


Getting physical

Have you gained a few pounds from working at home? We don’t blame you. Unlike working in the traditional office, you no longer need to run after the bus when you wake up just five minutes later than usual. You no longer need to huff and grunt through three flights of stairs when the elevator in your office breaks down.

Long story short, when going to work simply means moving from your bed to your desk computer in the other room, there is simply less physical activity in your routine now. Incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine to improve your wellness! Remote work is flexible – so use your schedule to your advantage! Whether it be taking frequent stretching breaks, yoga sessions, or a quick run outside – you’ll be shocked by how much your body will thank you.


Managing screen time

In a job that requires constant exposure to screens, managing screen time is essential for preserving eye health and mitigating headaches and fatigue. Prolonged exposure to blue light emitted by electronic devices can disrupt sleep patterns and cause those dreaded eye strains. 

Implement strategies such as the 20-20-20 rule – wherein you take a 20 second break to look at some 20 feet away, every 20 minutes. You can also invest in anti-blue light glasses to further combat screen exposure. Maintaining eye health is vital to your wellness and overall productivity in the long run as a virtual assistant. 


Nurturing social connections

Just because you’re alone does not mean you have to be lonely! Despite the physical distance inherent in remote work, virtual assistants can cultivate meaningful connections through digital means. Join online communities and make friends from people around the world! You can also check out forums relevant to your work to discover networking opportunities and knowledge sharing. 

Also, who says you need to go to cafes to relax? Schedule virtual coffee breaks and other online social activities to foster camaraderie and combat feelings of isolation.


Taking advantage of modern tools

Modern problems require modern solutions. Defeat the challenges brought by remote work by using the plethora of tools and resources the internet has to offer! Wellness apps and websites can offer guidance on meditation, mindfulness and stress management techniques. Need help keeping track of your tasks? Take advantage of productivity apps! Looking to advance your skills? Online courses and workshops provide opportunities for continuous learning and professional development. 

Embrace the power of modern tools and make them your ally. Whether you’re seeking serenity through meditation apps, taming the productivity beast with task management tools, or sharpening your skills through online courses, the vast array of resources at your fingertips is your secret weapon. 



Conquering the challenges of remote work is all about finding that sweet spot between hustle and self-care. By establishing structured routines, creating conducive work environments, staying active, nurturing social connections and tapping into modern tools, virtual assistants can safeguard their well-being and become the best version of themselves – both personally and professionally! 

Remember, it’s not just about surviving – it’s about thriving. Begin your self-care journey by prioritizing yourself today, and experience wellness in its fullest.