Outsource Access Makes Wellness Fun through Yoga Fridays

CAGAYAN DE ORO, Feb 27, 2024 – As a fast-growing company, Outsource Access values the wellness of its employees not just in the workplace, but beyond the office as well.  They believe that a holistic approach to health is the key to a happy workforce, and Outsource Access does so by promoting healthy habits. One of which is Yoga Fridays where people who love the exercise can come together for a zen session.

Yoga is a mind and body practice that helps one build strength and flexibility. It relieves stress and fosters a calmer state of mind. The sessions used to be independent, the activity starting out when a group of employees decided to try out yoga. Slowly, the word spread and the number of the interested yogis grew. Now, the activity has officially been relaunched in the Outsource Access Health, Fitness, and Wellness Club, along with other activities such as Badminton Saturdays. These activities allow their members to bring their friends, and earn points in the game – all of which they can use to exchange with awesome stuff!

“We love witnessing the employees have fun.” Mary Castro, Head of People and Culture shares. “Some ask me if they can join even if they know nothing about yoga, but I tell them that we welcome all! It doesn’t matter if one is a beginner or an expert – the end goal is that they get to foster the employee’s growth mentally, physically, and socially. The holistic initiative comes from Outsource Access’ belief of creating a real community – one where people aren’t just workmates.”

“I feel like Outsource Access is really looking out for us.” Ada Antipuesto, a first time yogi shares. “I wouldn’t have ever tried yoga if not for the club – now I can do it every week!” Outsource Access is now working on adding more slots to accommodate all inspiring yogis. The team is also planning to bring Yoga Fridays to their employees in the neighboring cities who have been clamoring  for an activity like this after hearing what fun their Cagayan de Oro counterparts have been having. 

At Outsource Access takes the quote “health is wealth” to a whole new level – wellness is seen as a resource. A skillful employee is good to have – but a happy and healthy workforce is the best asset. 

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