Outsource Access Paints The Town Red: Blood Donation Drive Makes Tangible Difference For Community

February 26, 2024 – Cagayan De Oro – Outsource Access, one of the fastest growing providers of virtual assistant services globally, recently collaborated with the Philippine Red Cross, for a mass blood drive at Ayala Malls Centrio. This initiative is part of Outsource Access’ Expanded Virtual Assistants (VA) Give Back program.

In a remarkable turnout, Outsource Access Virtual Staff and their friends from across Mindanao enthusiastically participated in the blood donation drive. Donating blood and ensuring its access to those who need it, is a crucial service for those in life-threatening emergencies, surgeries, and medical procedures. During the event, Outsource Access successfully achieved its goal of collecting 100 bags of blood, approximately 450 milliliters for each bag. 

Mary Castro, Head of People and Culture at Outsource Access, said, “Outsource Access believes in supporting our employees in all aspects of their lives, whether inside or outside the office. Our VA Give Back Program, exemplified by initiatives like this blood donation drive, reflects our commitment to creating pathways for our team to engage and give back to the community.”

Several institutions and agencies also attended the event, including the Philippine National Police and Bureau of Fire Protection. Through everyone’s collective effort and partnership with the Philippine Red Cross and Ayala Malls Centrio, the community came together to make the blood donation drive a resounding success.

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